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Organic Holistic and Medicinal Lifestyle

A Farm of Therapy

We are an organic farm that grows medicinal plants and super foods for cultural¬† lifestyle changes. Goals are to bring forth a strong and sustainable lifestyle that emphasizes production of natural medicinal and organic vegetables and plants. These goals are meant to nourish the spirit, mind, and body, with natural alternatives to today’s modified and altered states of institutionalized foods and medicines.

Organic, Holistic and Medicinal Lifestyle Changes

There is a forgotten connection between our senses, our thoughts, our food and our health that should be revealed and maintained. These practices will reveal healthy changes into our modern world. The bodies we inhabit and the planet that we live upon should be recognized as unified and treated with respect and reverence.

Our goals are methods

Methods provide and teach the use of off the grid alternative power techniques, green building, and organic agriculture and aquaculture. As protectors of alternative holistic methods of nurturing the planet, we should leave the smallest footprint on our struggling planet.

Green living principles and techniques

can be used within in any environment on the planet and should be taught as the right choice. A Farm of Therapy is fortunate to be in a natural paradise of rainforest, with waterfalls, gigantic trees and mountains, blue pools and streams, with a view of the Pacific Ocean where humpback whales entertain us from November through April. We endeavor to have a more beautiful world. Grow and thrive with us as one.

A Farm of Therapy staff members have medical and therapy backgrounds and incorporate traditional and nontraditional wellness techniques into the approach to living and promoting the interconnectedness of all things. We know that the toxins advertised and accepted as necessary to life and food on our planet have resulted in greatly increased cancers, genetic damage, and neurological disease among other lifestyle damages. We believe the cure is in reversing the cause and in utilizing the natural medicinal and spiritual qualities of the indigenous and specifically selected plants, as well as holistic products and techniques to heal both people and planet.